What’s in the Box?

Do you have that crazy box or grocery bag where every receipt or maybe most of your receipts or maybe personal and business all get thrown until year end and then you spend an agonizing week or more trying to remember what happened 11 months ago? Did you spill coffee on a large pile of these receipts at one point also?

We can take that box of who knows what and create a QB company file that you can be proud to bring to your accountant. No more high hourly rates that your accountant charges to do the data entry that didn’t get touched for a year.This is one of our most innovative and utilized services!

QuickBooks Set Up

Setup Options – when QB is set up correctly initially it moves cleanly and efficiently down the bookkeeping highway. If the setup isn’t right everything goes off kilter from there and becomes very complicated to cleanup and correct

Standard Setup

  • Company Data
  • Chart of Account Setup
  • Item Setup
  • Customer / Job Setup
  • Class Structure
  • Beginning Balance Establishment

Premium Setup

  • All Standard Options
  • Customization of Invoices, Sales Receipts, and Statements (up to 4 versions). A customization is a specialized layout and presentation
    of the invoice to match your brand

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